Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mental Exercise

In the interest of stepping outside my comfort zone, without leaving the vicinity completely, I decided that I wanted to work on something that has been a stumbling block for me for a very long time.  The perspective involved in doing a 3/4 front view horse head in 2-D can be (and I think I'm not alone in this feeling) daunting, to say the least!

Because I have always been a sculptor at heart, I would prefer to pick up clay over a pencil any day! Of course, the sly trick (or crutch, as it may be) that I've relied upon in sculpting, is the fact that when you're working in 3-D. . .the perspective takes care of itself.

So, a low relief sculpture seemed to be a good compromise.  I get to play with clay and it's a whole lot easier to repeatedly erase things without worrying about tearing up the paper!

I'm a long way from being finished with this, but it's empowering to confront something that I've been avoiding.  It's difficult to be a complete artist when the mere mention of certain subject matter makes your anxiety level jump up a notch.  The only solution is to jump in with both feet and do it until it doesn't bother you any more.  Next up on my list of things I avoid sculpting or drawing. . .People. . .