Saturday, December 6, 2008


Well, o.k. so I'm not really "trapped" per say. . . but I feel like it! It's a sad thing when winter is *just* beginning and you're already feeling claustrophobic about being stuck inside while Jack Frost plays fast and loose with the snowflakes! I have things to do and places to go, but here I sit because I need to get my brakes fixed and I have to wait until Tuesday for my turn at the repair shop. I was looking for ways to keep myself amused during the most recent mini-snowstorm (which kept me from absconding with hubby's car and making a late night shipping run to the 24 hour post office at the airport) so I made some good progress on the Strawberry Jam colt and listed something to Ebay. I haven't listed anything in years, but I've got this odd item that I've been meaning to sell and Ebay was the best place I could think of to put it.

Pretty neat huh? I had planned on framing it in a shadowbox with a mat. . . but I'm running out of wall space in my little house. :^)

I'll have photos here soon of the Strawberry Jam remakes. Once I looked at the photos from the last post again, I realized how over in the knees the NSH filly was! EEEK! Too much time spent trying to re-do the pastern angles without the padded shoes and not enough attention to what I was doing to the rest of her legs in the process! AAAHHH! hahahahahahaha!