Saturday, September 10, 2011

Enough is enough. . .or at least it *should* be!

Here are a couple of things that remind me of my work space. . .

I'm taking a break from organizing my studio.  Given my past track record, this is a job that I am apparently incapable of completing, no matter how hard I try.  In my entire life, I have never. . .EVER. . .had a well organized and efficient space to work in.  I've tried to fool myself by saying I'm one of those people that thrives in a messy environment. (rolls eyes) That's just what slobs say to make themselves feel better. . .even though it doesn't really work.
As I sit here and look around me, I am struck by the assortment of items that have invaded my studio that have no business being here in the first place.  This is a 10 x 10 foot room which contains the items I rely on to create my art and thus, my livelihood, yet it also contains the cast offs of the entire house.  Unused furniture, storage containers overflowing with heaven only knows what, Karate trophies, wedding gifts from 10 years ago, even my Father-In-Law's *ashes!*
The worst part is that I can't blame anyone but myself!  Not only did I agree to let these things invade my space. . .I put most of them in here myself.  So, now I'm stuck with the sad realization that if *I* don't respect the importance of this space, how can I possibly imagine anyone else to?  It's time to stand up for myself. . . it's time to stand up TO myself!
No matter how many times I tell myself,  "it's just a temporary solution" to put miscellaneous items in here, it just isn't true.  These things stay here, and they interfere with my work and my psyche.  I'd like to imagine that I'm best suited to a world of chaos, but experience tells me I'm most definitely NOT.  Every time I try to do any work, I find myself playing with a 10 x 10 foot version of that slide puzzle, or finding moronic "solutions" like Ernie!  No wonder I don't seem to be able to get anything done!  It's easier to ignore everything in here than to deal with any part of it.
I have to keep trying though, so I will start to slide these pieces around again. . .and I will drag everything out of the closet so I can stash the large dresser in there, I will move the storage containers to the basement to be dealt with another day, and I will take my Father-In-Law's remains and put them someplace more appropriate. . .perhaps in the sugar bowl?  Oh wait. . .that's where the cookies are. . .

P.S. these ball bearings are a perfect size to be used when sculpting 1/9th scale horses.  If you don't need 100  of them, the same seller sells them piece by piece for .25 each.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mental Exercise

In the interest of stepping outside my comfort zone, without leaving the vicinity completely, I decided that I wanted to work on something that has been a stumbling block for me for a very long time.  The perspective involved in doing a 3/4 front view horse head in 2-D can be (and I think I'm not alone in this feeling) daunting, to say the least!

Because I have always been a sculptor at heart, I would prefer to pick up clay over a pencil any day! Of course, the sly trick (or crutch, as it may be) that I've relied upon in sculpting, is the fact that when you're working in 3-D. . .the perspective takes care of itself.

So, a low relief sculpture seemed to be a good compromise.  I get to play with clay and it's a whole lot easier to repeatedly erase things without worrying about tearing up the paper!

I'm a long way from being finished with this, but it's empowering to confront something that I've been avoiding.  It's difficult to be a complete artist when the mere mention of certain subject matter makes your anxiety level jump up a notch.  The only solution is to jump in with both feet and do it until it doesn't bother you any more.  Next up on my list of things I avoid sculpting or drawing. . .People. . .

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Five seconds of fame!

Okay, I LOVE watching American Pickers on History Channel and if there could be one thing to make me love the show even more. . .it has just happened!  They were doing a pick to decorate the office of Bill and Liz Shatner's new country house.

When the final result was revealed, imagine my surprise at catching a few glimpses of my Call Me Ringo sculpture on top of the trophy case!  Wheee!

The show can been seen in it's entirety here: