Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pick. . .pick. . .nit-pickety pick!

Yes, I'm STILL working on this little guy! Epoxy is definitely not the medium for me! I have SUCH a hard time getting myself revved up to sculpt. . .and when I can only sculpt for 15 or 20 minutes at a time, I have to keep starting over at the lowest point on my motivation scale. :^\Silly me was thinking all along that it was the Epoxy slowing me down. Sadly, it's ME slowing me down! Haha!

Any sensible person would keep track of the passage of time and get right back on it after an hour or so had passed and the new epoxy was out of danger of being smushed.

But not me. . .nope, I put the little horse down (frequently someplace I won't be able to remember by the time I think to start working again,) . . . start playing on Facebook. . . answer a few emails . . . check what's on TV. . .watch a movie . . . watch another movie. . . have a snack . . . take a nap. . . snack some more. . . decide it'll be better to just work on the horse more tomorrow because then the epoxy will be nice and hard (It's
already been cured for 5 hours, ya knucklehead!) YAWN!

Yeah, so, I can try to blame the epoxy all I want. . .I know the truth, and it's not very flattering. :^P In spite of all this though, the little guy is actually getting close to being finished. So, I thought I'd put up a few more photos to prove it. ;^P