Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back to WORK!!!!

O.K. so, I admit that it takes me awhile to recover from finishing a sculpture. It's obviously more mental than anything else. The life-size things I've assisted Dad with involved actual physical recuperation when we were done, but this small scale stuff, not so much. Regardless, I still have a bad habit of taking long breaks between projects. Something weird happens when you work like a maniac on something and then it's just . . .gone. The recent Saddlebred has been a prime example of this. It's actually been driving me a little buggy that I haven't had a chance to see anything 100% finished yet. Even though my part is done, I feel like it's still a work in progress that I no longer have any control over. I think that when I see a painted one, in plastic and one in resin, I will finally be able to let it go. Hopefully that will be very soon!

In the mean time, I've revisited that wiry fellow from last year. I didn't want to completely lose my sculpting momentum to this post-project depression, so I started up again and was pleasantly surprised at how nicely he came along.

Some of you got a chance to see him in Kentucky last month but for the rest of you, I will simply provide these blurry detail shots. I'm not trying to be annoyingly coy by only showing teaser pics. . .I seriously couldn't take any better photos at the moment. It's 5 am, the flash isn't doing me any favors, and the lighting in here is terrible.

S0, why am I posting any photos at all? Because I'm sitting here with this new post started in my blog and if I wait until I can get better photos, I might not get around to it for another month or so!

In the immortal words of Bob Ross. . ."remember, this is your world, and you decide where the trees go." . . .and, given the context, if that makes any sense to you, then you need sleep even more than I do! ;^P