Wednesday, March 17, 2010

more assorted photos. . .

. . .because there are few things I love more than a finished clay. :^D For some reason, my little point and shoot camera was able to capture these 2 (much nicer than the digital SLR) photos . . .I have no idea how this happened since the other pics I took with it were garbage. Happy little accident I guess.

Look Ma, no wires! Had to clean him up a bit with Paint Shop to see how he'll look without his supports.

For any of my collectors that are familiar with my Dozen Roses resin, I thought it would be fun to put the two together for a side by side comparison. I can't wait to see these new guys painted up and in the show ring!

Glamour shots

Here he is from several different angles.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand DONE!

At some point, in the bleak, early morning hours, I decided it was finished. Obviously, more little things would present themselves between this moment and when the first coat of rubber went on. . .but, for this one glorious instant, I finally believed it was done. Yay me.

The mane event. . .

. . .o.k. so it wasn't actually as much an "event" as it was a dull evening wherein the mane was finished.
After looking at the enlarged version of this photo I came to a sad but true fact about my work habits. I just do NOT enjoy doing lower legs and hooves. I used to think that I was pretty even keeled about how I went from area to area on a sculpt, eventually ending in a grand (haha) flourish at an eartip and officially declaring it a masterpiece. But, as an instant gratfication sort of gal, I obviously do the same thing when I work as I do in everyday life. I leave the crummy jobs til absolute last. :^\ So. . .it's all downhill from this point. Lower legs, here I come. Blah.