Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The long sad silence. . .

 In more than 15 years I hadn't been able to eat a meal in my own home without being hounded by his constant barking and begging. . .and now everything is too. . .too quiet.

When his heart went bad, they only gave him 6 to 12 months to live. . .he enjoyed 39 extra months instead. . .it was still too short.

For the last 3 years he refused to sleep at night, preferring to wander about restlessly between 3 and 6 am.  If he couldn't sleep, neither could I. . .2 months later. . .and I still can't sleep until the sun comes up.

 His medication regimen was all consuming, 6 pills a day. . . taken right from my hand, like a treat.  No bribing, no hiding, no forcing. . . I see the bottles now and have a momentary flash of anxiety that I've forgotten  to give him a dose.

He slept under the edge of my pillow every night.  His soft breathing a reassuring sound.  His silky fur always just inches away. . .out of habit, I still reach out to pet him when I'm half asleep. . .

He was my tiny little Rock of Gibralter, a dependable, cheerful, and devoted soul whose love and affection could never be equaled.  He only weighed 5 pounds but he left a hole in my heart that will never quite heal over.
I dedicate this silly and sappy poem to my friend Melissa G. who met Beebo for the first time in a crowded hallway during a convention in a Kentucky Hotel.  Like everyone else that got to know this little red-headed pup, she was a lifelong admirer. :^)


We met by happenstance, one day
An accident, you and I
Escape was made, but I got lost,
my owner trying to spy.

You scooped me up and brought me home
to the room that called my name
I charmed you with my svelt good looks,
Your heart I would lay claim.

My name was Beebo, Beebs for short
A mind all of my own.
But for everyone that held me close
Affection was always shown.

A life so grand, well travelled, full
Carried me through the years.
You inquired always, how I was
Remembered me so dear.

But time would slow these furry feet
Adventures far between
My world grew smaller, my eyesight dim
Content with old routines

When finally my day to rest
Crept up quite suddenly
Bathed in tears and cradled with love,
I let go reluctantly.

So, remember me, and bring me home
When next time, you and I
Cross our paths and we meet again
In that hallway in the sky.

Goodbye my beautiful Bibelot, Beebo, Beebs, Beeno, Boopy, Pooh-bee, Beano-reano, Hup-puppy, Hooby, Hum-tummy, Bumpy. . .my beloved Bee.  Keep the bed warm for me until I get there. . .