Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The rumors are true!


Yes folks, I am STILL alive!  Contrary to what the lack of activity on this blog might lead you to believe, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, yet. Actually, there is a far more interesting rumor I need to tell you about. . . I'll have to start at the beginning though. . .
Back in 2004 when I released Persia and Bidjar, I still had my old website with the lame hand-coded html.  In the past 9 years I've been through 2 more versions of that website.  I've still got the remnants of the old sites hanging around on my computer though, because I never throw anything out (just ask my Family.)  So, last year, I was puttering about on my computer when I discovered the skeleton of the old Persia and Bidjar sale page.  All that was left was the copy I'd written back in 2004, where I announced that they would be produced in an edition of 200. DOH!  I suddenly remembered that I had set the edition higher than usual to account for people ordering them separately.  I figured it might be difficult to have enough sets for the people that wanted them if either the mare or the foal sold more as single pieces.  Good planning, right?
But, 2 websites, a brain fart, and a few years later I had closed the edition on both of them at 150 like all of our other Traditional resins.  After 8 years though, I was still getting messages every few weeks from people pleading with me to sell any copies that I might have of these resins.  So, I made the decision to go ahead and do one more mold run on the set.  I originally said there would be 200 of each of them and now there will be.
After so many years, I couldn't resist tweaking Bidjar just a little bit.  So he has an updated look that I hope people will like.  The white resin is terrible to take photos of but these shots give some idea of the differences between the two.  (New version is on the right)

Persia is the same as before, except that now she will be hollow cast.  This suggestion from Randy Buckler has proven to be a VERY good one as each cast is wonderfully clean and free of the previous molding and pouring issues!
I am selling them as a set for $300. and separately for $200. (Persia) and $100 (Bidjar) with shipping to be determined by your location.   If you are interested in acquiring either or both of them, let me know your zip code or country and I can let you know what shipping would be.

left: Comparison photo by Deb Buckler.  New version on left.