Sunday, November 16, 2008

Let us never speak of this again.

FINISHED! With only an hour to spare, which is good because I needed that hour to drive it back to Lake Geneva.

I did get him looking *almost* new and undamaged again. It was reasonably simple to touch up all the rubs and scrapes (he sure got petted on his nose and horn a lot!) and refresh most of his paint overall, but the hairline fractures proved to be a bit more than I could figure out.

The best I could do was to rub white paint into the cracks and try to diminish their appearance. It worked o.k. but they were still visible from certain angles. The final coats of finishing spray helped to smooth them out a bit too, but I wish I could have eliminated them altogether.

I did add quite a bit more dappling to his body so that went a long way toward disguising a lot of little things as well. So, these are the last photos of this critter.

Strangely enough, I no longer wished I could have him for my very own. I was happy to be rid of him and he brought a good price ($3,000) at the auction the following afternoon. All's well that ends well eh?

In the future, please direct all requests for my participation in public art fundraisers to my manager. . .


Tammy said...

Oh, my gosh! I would have been so tempted to just move and leave the country ... Okay, that is an exaggeration. Kudos to your commitment to this project. And I can totally relate to procrastination. Saw a great t-shirt - "Procrastinators - Leaders of Tomorrow"

Katherine Bogucki said...

I must admit that there were a few instances where I wished someone would steal it. . .or that it would simply be destroyed beyond any hope of restoration. Leaving the country would have been a terrific idea though. I am a procrastinator right down to my toes. A true woman of tomorrow.