Sunday, November 7, 2010

Have I mentioned that I have a problem?

Yes, I have a problem sticking to one project and finishing it before I start another. But, in my defense, I had a good reason to start this little monster before sending the mini Warchant (aka:Pipsqueak) off to the caster.

I've wanted to make a fighting partner for Warchant ever since I did the original, 8 years ago. As you've probably guessed. . . I never got around to doing that.

I couldn't decide on the right pose. I *should* have sculpted Warchant and "friend" at the same time so I could have had more control over the interaction between the two of them. Instead, I sculpted Warchant on his own and, as a result, could never really figure out where another horse would fit into the scenario.

So, now I have a rare opportunity here to play around with ideas without committing to a larger sculpture. Best case scenario is that I get something worthwhile out of the exercise and can execute the larger sculpture I always meant to do. . . at the worst, I could end up with a little herd of angry mustangs and a whole lot of valuable experience in doing small thumbnail studies.
Seems like a win win situation either way.

So, just this once, I don't feel all that bad for letting myself get sidetracked. At least the mini Warchant is all finished! He will be headed to the caster sometime this week, after he's had his publicity photos taken and provided me with enough comparative measurements to be certain that this little bug eyed beastie will be the same size.


Sydney_bitless said...

He is lovely. Might I ask what type of clay you are using it apears a little opaque.

Katherine Bogucki said...

It's a taxidermy epoxy called Sculp-Epox. Great stuff. I've bought some Apoxie Sculpt but i haven't opened it yet. . .partly because I've got a LOT of this stuff to use and partly because I'm used to it and I HATE changing mediums when something is working o.k. for me. :^)

carowi said...

Oohhh Kathi! A fighting partner for Warchant, oh my... that would be an absolute GRAIL! I've been lucky enough to get my hands on the traditional Warchant and he is unbelievable! And a pair... WOW! :)
I have to say, I might just have to get Pipsqueak and his fiery friend when they come out, they look pretty irrestistable too!