Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Indulging in one of the seven deadly sins.

Last weekend was the artist's reception for the AAEA fall juried show.
I wasn't going to go since Jim couldn't take the time off from work, but my Folks talked me into it and we all had a great trip together. Just like old times! Ha!

We got a late start. . . it took 5 hours to get through Chicago alone. . . FINALLY got to Lexington at 4 a.m., making the entire trip 11 hours long, an all time record since it usually takes 8 hours or less!

Their German Shepherd puppy kept me awake the rest of the night so my Parents decided to take the dogs to the Horse Park during the day, so I could finally get some sleep. I managed a couple of hours of shut eye before it was time to get ready to go. I've heard that the puppy was slumped on the ground, sound asleep, every chance he could get while they visited with friends at the park. Grrrrrr!

The reception was very nice, lots of people there. It was a big show with a total of 85 pieces. (550 pieces were entered for jurying)

The complete show catalog can be seen here

The big thrill of the evening came when they announced the awards. One of my bronzes was given the Founder's Award for Sculpture!

What a neat surprise! O.K. so I admit that I have been wandering around with a swelled up head for the last several days. (partially due to a head cold and partially from allowing myself the deliciously sinful luxury of excessive pride.)

I was so pleased that my Mother and Father were there with me. I think they might have been even more excited than I was!
It really was a great weekend. . .

top: Mommy, Daddy, and I in front of the case where my bronzes are.
bottom: a view from the other side of the case.

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Christine said...

Years ago I purchased one of your bronze Saddlebred keyrings. At least I think you made it? Someone else liked it too as they stole my set of keys.