Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Not the most original idea I've ever had.

O.K. So every other artist on the block has a blog and now I feel like I should follow suit. I tried to do something like this awhile ago when I was sculpting Equus Max, but I'd never heard of a Blog and the best I could do was this jumble of pages on my website. People seemed to like it though, so just imagine my surprise at discovering a way to get the same effect without having to hand code HTML! Woohoo!
I have to give my Husband, Jim partial credit for the Midnight Sculptor title. He was watching crime shows on T.V. last week during his vacation and has been calling me "Night Stalker" ever since. While it started to irritate me after the first 20 or 30 times, I decided that changing it around a bit gave me a great title for my new blog. Morbidly whimsical, just perfect!
Anyhow, I figure most people reading this already know me and what I do, so I won't go into a dull autobiographical spiel. If you've somehow arrived here without knowing who, what, when, why, where, or how. . .then I applaud you for sticking around long enough to read this instead of frantically clicking on the button for the next random blog. I shall reward you with a photo of my freakishly small dog since I don't have anything really interesting, or worth photographing, in the studio at the moment.

Yes, that is a reworded "Spiderman" movie quote in my sidebar.
Don't bother griping about it. . .I like it, Spidey likes it, it's staying.


Xenidus said...

*pfft* everyone can tell that that dog isn't really that small, it is just being held by one of your strangely gigantic sculptures hands.

Katherine Bogucki said...

Hey Davie! That's MY strangely gigantic hand you're making fun of there! hahaha!