Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wasn't this supposed to be a sculpting blog?

I know that has to be what the 2 or 3 people who are actually trying to follow this blog must be thinking. So, in the spirit of not letting my procrastination completely take over, I shall put something on the sculpting stand so you (and I) can feel like things are actually being accomplished!

Some folks have asked about the mysterious and blurry sculpture on the far right hand side of my title banner for this page. Well, here she is. . . the world's oldest yearling filly. She has been haunting my studio for almost 7 years! Technically she's a fully matured mare by now, but since I never worked on her, much less finished her, she's stuck in a state of perpetual, roughed in, youth.

I started her sometime in 2001 using the clay remains and armature from my Strawberry Jam (saddlebred weanling) sculpture. I repositioned the wires, shortened the legs a bit by adding a base, lengthened the body a smidgen for slightly "older" proportions, gave her just a little touch of personality and then promptly began to ignore her. She's been glaring at me from the corner of the room ever since. Up on her shelf, looking down on me with her nose high in the air.

She's all dusty because I never bothered to cover her up. . . silly me, always thought I would get around to finishing her in less than a year. Now that I'm looking at her again. . .I like her. I don't *want* to like her because she's been taunting me all this time.

Her presence has actually interfered with my ability to focus on every piece I've started and finished as she sat and waited. Now, her time has come. I can't leave her sitting around any longer. Besides, I REALLY need to finish something for my own mental well-being and she's far enough along that it isn't as daunting as starting from scratch. So, I am sharing these photos of her in the hopes that I can finally get started making this blog into what I intended it to be.

I can't promise that I won't tell more stories about my dogs. . .or post photos of my newly redecorated bedroom. . .because it's all a part of me and it's what makes me who I am and effects, in every way, what I do and don't accomplish on a day to day basis! Goodness, the bedroom project has been interferring with my sculpting AND blogging in a really big way since mid December when we had to move our bed into my small studio/office while the floors were being refinished! Do you know how hard it is to be the Midnight Sculptor when a "normal" person who has to go to bed at 10 pm and wake up at 6 am is camped out in your SPACE? Hahahahahaha!

Anyhow, enjoy the photos of the little no-name girl. This is probably a BIG reason why I haven't felt like finishing her. I ALWAYS name my sculptures before I start them. . .but this one? Nothing. Ideas anyone? It might help inspire me!

P.S. There was an exciting bit of news at the end of the year that I never got around to writing about. My sculpture Equus Maximus was awarded 1st pace for Sculpture and Best in Show in the Ex Arte Equinus International Art Competition! Exciting stuff! The show was sponsored by Art Horse Magazine. Many thanks to them for giving "Max" his day in the spotlight!


gj said...

She kinda reminds me of the Jane Austin protagonist, Emma.

Katherine Bogucki said...

Hahahah, you're right, she does look sort of snobby and like a bit of a tease! Ha!

gary cooper said...

Hi Kathy.
I like her and hope you finish this as she deserves to be complete. Otherwise send her to me for my BD...Sept 28th.I'll dust her off and set her next to Maximus to start my K. Bogucki Collection.
gary cooper

Mags said...

She's gorgeous!
The last picture of her looks like she's just noticed the effect she's having on the horses around her :-)

Sarah said...

Very pretty! You do Arabs so well. I would love to see you sculpt a few more stablemate resins, but that's just my scale.

Carolijn Wils said...

She's wonderful! She almost looks like an antilope, she's so elegant! And she looks like she's having fun, what a wonderful girl!

David said...

I just found your blog, great horse, I want to see more great stuff.