Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One man's trash. . .

O.K. I've been away from blogging for awhile. . .sorry about that folks! I've also been away from anything resembling actual WORK for awhile too so my most recent activity has been cleaning. . .and cleaning in my studio. Mind you, my "studio" is a 10 x 10 foot room that doubles as the dumping ground of choice for various things that have no official home. Yeah, I work in the JUNK ROOM, there, I said it! Don't laugh. . .you have one in your home too, you're not fooling anybody!
Anyhow, I need to clear some space in here and get back to sculpting. This is NOT an easy task because;
1. The entire main floor of our house is about 750 sq. feet.
2. Jim and I are both total pack rats
3. There are frequent differences of opinion as to what is valuable and what is not.
For example, the most recent addition to my space. :^\ Yeah, I've been known to go and pluck various treasures from the neighbor's trash after dark. Something which, BTW, Jim has voiced disapproval of in the past. Ironic, considering his recent acquisition of this ENORMOUS four foot tall stuffed Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, wouldn't you say? "Why would they just throw something like this out? I couldn't just leave it there" He said, with a smirk on his face. Now, this gaudy (and somewhat smelly) item was dragged in on a Saturday morning as a joke, and indeed it was funny. But then Kermit, our French Bulldog, instantly developed an amusing love/hate relationship with it and Rudolph became a long-term guest in our home. *sigh*
This really doesn't have anything to do with sculpting. . .other than the fact that it's incredibly distracting and uninspiring and it's stinking up the place. . .I didn't have much else to talk about and I decided to write a small homage to it before I threw it down the basement steps. I wonder what the neighbors will think when they see it show up in *our* garbage pile in 10 or 15 years?


Carol H. said...

I think you'd fit right in at my house LOL! We have a friend that calls our house "Clutterville".

Becky Turner said...

HA! 750 sq feet! hey try 400!! yep my place is that small and I share it with 3 small dogs.. lol and im a bit of a pack rat when it comes to books.. oh and books..and yep.. more books.. lol and art supplies and plastic and resin horses and my bedroom is half full of empty boxes full of peanuts.. ..lol I say go sick the deer in the neighbors trash late one night and no one will be the wiser! ( or give him a good spray with some febreeze!) lol he is kinda cute though.. Oh and if ya ever want to get rid of some stuff Id be glad to take all those yummy horse books off your hands! lol ok.. now don't let so long go between posts! we miss ya! and even if it is a junk room post! lol I think its fun to see what my fellow artists do and how they live.. so I don't feel like I'm the only one who does strange things.. or is kinda quirky! or has too much stuff! lol oh and kathy.. your silver horse fair tray is sitting near my little propane stove for now.. still haven't gotten it framed yet!
Rebecca Turner

lint lips and lily said...

Dude. I am bad as well. But there will be progress. I am having a yard sale on May 17 and I hope to get rid of a lot of things. Too bad we don't live closer or you could lug some of your stuff over here for it--I'm sure the Rudolf would sell in a minute here in "hip" Uptown Minneapolis.

Becky Turner said...

oh kathy did you get lost in the messy room? yoo hoo come out come out wherever you are! .. ok now everyone chant with me.. new post! new post! lol... ah I know your probley busy with real horses, kids and fun at this time of year.. but Id love to see what your working on!!! how about a sneak peak..or how about a what Ive been up to post?
Rebecca Turner