Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The mane event. . .

. . .o.k. so it wasn't actually as much an "event" as it was a dull evening wherein the mane was finished.
After looking at the enlarged version of this photo I came to a sad but true fact about my work habits. I just do NOT enjoy doing lower legs and hooves. I used to think that I was pretty even keeled about how I went from area to area on a sculpt, eventually ending in a grand (haha) flourish at an eartip and officially declaring it a masterpiece. But, as an instant gratfication sort of gal, I obviously do the same thing when I work as I do in everyday life. I leave the crummy jobs til absolute last. :^\ So. . .it's all downhill from this point. Lower legs, here I come. Blah.

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