Thursday, January 21, 2010

Have I mentioned. . .

. . .that I have a hard time finishing things I start? The wire critter in my last post did actually take some sort of shape before I set it aside but I'll save that for another time. Yes folks, I have difficulty completing projects that I start. I think that's because I don't HAVE to finish them and it's always more fun to start something new. This ongoing issue is one of my greatest failings.

*But* now I've taken on an exciting project that I knew from the beginning I would HAVE to finish! Nothing like a commission with deadlines to jumpstart my rarely used stick-to-itiveness. (yes, it's a real word) I know the details will become known over the next few days so, for now, I'm going to leave the who, what, when, and where up to your imagination. The why of it all though, I can tell you right now, it is my own personal quest to rediscover my sculpting mojo.

I HAD to share this photo of the armature because it was so darn funny. Armatures don't usually have much personality, but this one ended up just brimming with attitude. I had to make a few changes to it before I started sculpting and it was interesting to see how the small differences changed the original jauntiness. It's better that the attitude should be on the outside of the piece than on the inside anyhow. Ha!

I'll be doing a quick fire method of blogging here for a bit because I have a lot of in-progress photos to post before I'm caught up to "real time." Stay tuned!

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Becky Turner said...

Finally! I had hoped you would start a new piece! I love your work.. and I like reading your blog! so blog more please! lol ....your work is very inspiring to me.. and I love to see your work as you go.I wish I could watch in real life over your shoulder... I usually learn something.. so.. what? to keep you sculpting we have to commission you? lol.... cant wait to see where this goes.. and no fair teasing us! what where how why? come on out with it! lol what will the size be?
Rebecca Turner