Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hello? Is anybody there?

O.k. so, while we're waiting for our visitors to arrive, I'll keep posting progress photos. Actually, the visitors *did* arrive in person, and we all had a great time. . .but they haven't "arrived" to officially announce their news in internet land. There have been some leaks here and there but I can neither confirm nor deny the allegations which have been made against . . .oh. . . what? Wait. . .um, nevermind! Sorry, I got a little off track there.
Anyhow, since we're still waiting I think I'd better start putting up photos of the progress that's been made since their visit.
He's back down to the hairless look for some more serious work. A mane and tail are important but nowhere near as important as what goes under them. If that isn't correct, it doesn't matter how much hair you pile on it, it'll show up.

After removing the temporary mane and tail it quickly became obvious that the back was too short, the eyes weren't in the correct place, the neck and shoulder were too heavy, and the raised rear leg was just. . . well. . . there was something wrong with it.
Better in some ways. . .not so much in others. *sigh* This is going to be a long night.


Danielle Feldman said...

He's looking great - the added length in the back did wonders.

Darleen said...

I've heard rumors, and eeeee I have to say I am *so* excited! Looking great, Kathi. :-D

Tiffany Birkinbine said...


Would you be interested in joining the ASB Model Horse list? The list has many, many ASB owners and could help you get this boy just right! He's looking nice but there's a few things that you might want to adjust to really make him stand out! His neck, head, small eyes and back leg especially.

The list critiqued Standing Ovation, Miss America and Linda York's new mini ASB.

We hope you join as we are all very nit picky and really want to see all ASB's in the model horse world stand out and have the sculptors successful!

Becky Turner said...

hey I havent heard any rumors! someone tell me!!! lol ....and I still think morgan.. even more so now! he is looking really good kathi.... now.. about those rumors!?? come on.. someone spill!
Rebecca Turner

Katherine Bogucki said...

Hi Tiffany! I've joined your Yahoo group but I would like to invite your members to make their comments here as I am not able to keep up with much beyond this blog at the moment. I am a good 2 weeks or so behind in posting photos so, hopefully they will be pleased with the progress that's been made when I get the newer photos up. :^)