Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I need this like a hole in the . . .

Whoops! I guess there *is* a hole in his head. For the first time THIS particular hole was intentional. Since he's meant to be a baby unicorn, he needs a horn. . . but something sticking out like that on a public art piece needs to be sturdy. Fortunately, Dad is a whiz on this sort of thing
and he quickly put my concerns to rest by fashioning this creative little bolt reinforcement.
You can see the washer and nut on the outside. . . there is another washer and nut on the inside. The washer took some fancy maneuvering to get through the hole! Once it was properly seated on the inside, the outside nut could be tightened and . . . Voila! The bolt is being firmly held onto it's little forehead between the two washers! Nifty huh?
So, now he's taken his first step toward being a proper unicorn. The horn won't be very long (he is just a baby after all!) and once it has the epoxy packed into the hole and around the bolt, it should be solid as a rock! This is a good view of his new butch haircut too. More holes. *grumble* Not to mention the ears, which are headed toward having fuzzy texture put in them. . .but first, some stuff had to come out and. . .you guessed it! MORE HOLES!


Melissa Sage said...

I love the baby unicorn! Where will they be displayed, and is there a link to a home page of the project??

carowi said...

Hi Kathi! Now don't tell us this story and then leave it in the middle, with holes in! ;)
What happened, is she finished? Are you happy with her? More, more!