Saturday, August 16, 2008

"Do I make you. . ."

Oh gosh. . . I swore I was going to keep this clean. . . seriously though, how can I NOT make horn jokes at this point? Here he is with his new horn, which I tried my best to make look as if it were a *real* horn and not some sort of stuck-on artificial appendage. In it's initial configuration it looked a little. . . ummmm . . . *phallic* and THAT was a problem, especially when viewed from below where every kid under the age of 4 would see it. Many thanks go to my Mother who was better rested than I and pointed (pun intended) out that it wasn't "pointy" enough. Ah HA! Problem solved. . .especially once it was painted some color other than it's current flesh tone. *cough *cough*

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