Saturday, August 16, 2008

Filling in the gaps

All righty then. . . let's get back to filling in those holes! The epoxy putty I am using is a two part sculpting epoxy that has to be kneaded together and used immediately. It stays pliable and nice for about 20 minutes before it gets too stiff to work with. Once it starts to harden it takes about 24 hours before it is 100% cured, so I had to jump from place to place on this critter to give each area a chance to set up. The tail area was a BIG mess. I could see I was going to have to sculpt over the whole thing somehow to disguise the weird vertical "hair" marks. The withers and neck were pretty choppy too, but I figured that the garland would take care of covering a lot of it. Wheeeee! I had a LONG way to go at this point and only about 4 days before the deadline! This all happened MONTHS ago, and I am still feeling tense writing about it! hahahaha!
So, I think I mentioned earlier that one of his ears was shorter than the other. . . I added to the tip and started packing the holes in the fronts of his ears so I would have a solid surface to sculpt over when I added the fuzzy hair texture in them. You can also see the beginning of his foretop. I couldn't resist adding the little Superman curl there. I was trying to balance out the side of his face too. Somehow the right side was sunken in on this casting and it made his face look crooked. He has brand new *round* eyeballs here. Nice little orbs to replace the flat ones he came with. I will come back and sculpt lids and eyelashes over these when the epoxy is hard enough.

So far, things are going pretty well. I only wish I had started a week or two earlier. Ah well, hindsight really *is* 20/20! He's looking sort of cute though, isn't he?

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