Thursday, August 21, 2008

Throw some hair on it, it'll be fine!

Ahhh yes, piling on the hair, an artist's way of saying "I don't know how to begin dealing with what's under here so I'm going to go ahead and cover it up." You can hide a lot of troubles with the right amount of mane and tail. . .eyes, ears, an occasional leg . . . and here I am trying to hide fetlock joints. Actually, I'm trying to hide a *lack* of fetlock joints. Either way, If I put on enough feathering, I won't have to sculpt fetlock joints, which would inevitably lead to re sculpting knees and hocks and I absolutely don't want to go there! This little critter has an overall "horsey" appearance, but taken piece by piece he starts to look more than a little bit unusual. Alas, there wasn't any hairy way (short of making him into a Clydesdale) to cover his poor little, oddly shaped, footsies . . . I decided I would just leave them and try to disguise them with paint later. So, are we looking at front legs or back legs? Well, I can see a ball of putty put on his undersized front hoof, So I know that the first two pics are front legs and the third (with the legs close together and seen from the rear) is back legs. I ended up adding a LOT of epoxy to that shrunken little front hoof to make it more even with the other one. It turned out to be a good spot to pile leftover putty up when I was done working in an area.
Well, go figure . . . Here I am typing about how I was NOT going to sculpt fetlock joints and I can CLEARLY see on this last photo that I did, in fact, make an attempt at giving him somewhat more pronounced and rounded joints. I guess there's only so much a person can do with hair after all!

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