Sunday, September 7, 2008

What is that delightful smell?

Ahh yes, the mysterious scent of Sculp-epox! By this point it was all over the place. . . little bits were on my shoes, my clothes, the floor, the walls, even various places on the horse. Most of all, it was in a scummy, scrubby, dry, crackled, multi-leveled layer of goop all over my hands. Ugh! It isn't *supposed* to be all over your skin, especially not for prolonged periods of time. . . you know, like in a hardened shell covering your palms and fingernails? There's just no other way to work with it though, sculpting with latex gloves on is like playing the violin while wearing mittens. (and I have actually tried both, so you can take my word for it!) So, I have thrown caution (and a material warning sheet) to the wind and continued on with the work. The first pic here shows his newly defined nostrils. In the next photo you can see the wrinkles between his nostrils. I wasn't so sure about these, but they can always be ground off if I change my mind later. Oh yes, and THERE are the beginnings of his garland! The flowers don't look like much now, but I have high hopes for the power of paint! har har! These were taken at about 3 a.m. on Wednesday morning. The epoxy flowers smelled faintly of popcorn. . .and desperation.

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Lesley Ann Hartman said...

Hi Kathi,

Good luck with your baby unicorn, he is looking lovely now after all your work. I have done a little sculpture so know how difficult it can be, there is one half finished staring at me from the shelf as I type! I will be following your progress with anticipation. Lots of good wishes, Lesley