Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Approaching the finish line

I think I stopped painting somewhere around 9 a.m. on Friday morning. I didn't look at the clock, I just dragged myself up the stairs and fell onto the bed in the guestroom. I had to get at least a little sleep because I still needed to make the one hour drive (and another hour back home again) to Lake Geneva to deliver the little guy. My Mom woke me up around noon with a concerned tone in her voice, "were you able to finish it?" I actually had finished it, with the exception of the protective coating that would help protect the paint work from hundreds of inquisitive hands as well as day after day of UV exposure. I popped out of bed with renewed energy (yeah. . .RIGHT!) and ran (staggered) down stairs again to see if it looked o.k or if it looked like it had been painted in a partial stupor. I seriously don't remember much about the night after I put away the airbrush and started hand painting. There's just a long and seemingly endless stream of close-up images in my head as I moved from spot to spot, mixing paint and dabbing away with my small brushes as fast as I could. I do recall that somewhere around 7:30 I opened up the wildly colored little pans of Pearl-Ex powder I'd purchased a few days before. I was looking for something to make my white (as he was supposed to originally be) foal a little less. . . well. . . white. Having never used these highly concentrated pigment powders before, I, naturally, wanted to experiment carefully and find just the right technique to use for the optimum visual effect. . . which is why I grabbed a brush and frantically started applying every color I had to the mane and tail and flowers, and horn, and . . . Haha! Given the fact that I was making things up as I went, it didn't turn out too badly.

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Melissa Sage said...

He is incredibly awesome Kathi, if I wasn't so darn far away we'd be bidding for sure! My daughter would give about anything to have him on display in her room, although there's more space in my own...:0)