Wednesday, September 10, 2008


ARGH! I was going to start painting on Wednesday evening but everything was STICKY!!!!! Oh boy. All of the last batch of epoxy that was added the night/morning before was faintly shiny and tacky. The best case scenario was that it just hadn't had enough time to cure or that the humidity/temperature were slowing the process down a little. The worst scenario was that I might not have been as careful about mixing equal amounts of parts A and B and the whole thing was destined to never set up properly. So I waited. . . and waited . . . and worried . .. and finally decided that the only thing I could do was go home, get a good long rest, and be prepared for a marathon painting session the next day/night if it finally cured and stopped feeling like it was coated with a thin layer of syrup. So, at about 3 am on Thursday morning, with only 36 hours until I was supposed to have the horse *in* Lake Geneva . . . I went to bed.


Becky Turner said...

I cant wait to see it painted! I have always waned to fix one of theses fiberglass you did a good job! it looks pretty cute form all I have seen..
Becky Turner

Melissa Sage said...

LOL! I love reading your posts about this little uni, can't wait to see him all finished up, he's adorable beyond words!