Monday, September 15, 2008

Ready. . .set. . .PAINT!!!

My Mom came downstairs at about 11 pm to bear witness to the beginning of the airbrushing portion of the project. She snapped a few photos and shared the observation that she couldn't imagine how I was going to have it finished by the time we needed to leave the next day. Honestly, I couldn't imagine it either! So, this first photo pretty much sums up the mood of the evening. See how stooped over I am? My back had absolutely had it. Too much bending over, crouching on the floor, and standing on concrete. To this very day my left index finger, my right thumb, and my left big toe, haven't fully recovered from the experience!
I spent a LOT of time picking hair off this critter. . . my parents have 2 German Shepherds (better known as German Shedders) and their loose hair was everywhere! There wasn't really anyplace else I could do this though since my Folks have all the necessary equipment and a LOT more space than I do at my house.
Can you see the tiny little metal cup on the underside of the airbrush I'm holding in the first photo? Now, imagine how many times I had to fill that little cup to put a fine layer of pearlescent white paint over the whole foal? Haahahaahaha! It boggles the mind! But it was worth it. He's all pearly and iridescent.
So, the solution to the botched lacquer on his butt ended up being to make him a dapple grey. The dappling helped camouflage the unsightly area and gave me the peace of mind I DESPERATELY needed at that point. The hard-core horse people will say that no foal that young would ever be a dapple grey but unless they provide me with proof that unicorn foals *don't* come in dapple gray, I will exercise my artistic license and do what I please! So, BACK OFF! I'm tired and cranky! ;^P

. . .apparently I'd painted some vines and leaves by this point. . . I'd have to estimate the time of these last four photos at about 3 am.


Carol H. said...

She looks great! What a daunting project to airbrush that huge area.

I think all unicorns are born dapple grey ;-)

carowi said...

Hi Kathi! As more of a morning person I cringe at the thought alone of you having to work into the 'wee hours'. The result is amazing, she's going to be gorgeous! I love following this adventure, more, more! :)