Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pasty pale pansies playfully prance . . . eh, whatever.

So, the flower and vine sculpting carried on late into Wednesday night and early into the next morning. I spent a frantic half hour scanning through gardening magazines for FLAT flowers ( that would be relatively easy to sculpt on little to no sleep ) and settled on pansies and clematis. My Mom also suggested that, since my horse would be displayed at my Sister-In-Law's shop "Strawberry Fields" I should include some strawberries. Aaaaaaand since Strawberries need leaves to look proper on a garland. . .they might as well have flowers too. . . and there should probably be some other leaves to fill in the spaces . . . and eventually there were also some teensy little made up flowers put in to take up more space and add some lacy-ness to the whole thing. I did my best to keep everything flat and well adhered to the form so no one could pry them off or get snagged or hooked on anything. My Parents actually hung out in the basement with me for awhile and poked at some epoxy themselves. . . Mom did a Strawberry and Dad added a few leaves here and there. They left for bed at about 3:30 am though and I was, once again, the lone sculptor, fighting off yet another deadline in the deepest darkest night.
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Mr. Rush said...

I like what you are doing with the horse.